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Femmedère is a student-run group within the McGill community whose goal is to make the local community more sustainable. In particular, we aim to educate, support, and empower community members by providing workshops and food programs that enable community members to make healthy and nutritional food choices within their budget.

Femmedère offers workshops to various Women’s shelters within Montreal in which professionals facilitating the workshops focus on the importance of fresh and nutritious foods and the basic budgeting skills needed for grocery shopping on a tight budget. In order to fully engage the participants, workshops are discussion based. Through a hands-on approach in a friendly and open environment, we hope to show the feasibility and importance of a healthy and nutritious diet.

Femmedère’s food program aims to provide fresh fruits and vegetables at wholesale prices so that healthy food choices are easily attainable to students and families within the community. Through collaborating with McGill’s Macdonald Campus and the Good Food Box program, our goalis plans to introduce food boxes into the McGill community. More information on the Good Food Box program can be found at http://www.moissonmontreal.org/en/projects.html

Femmedère consists of students of various ages, studying a range of different disciplines and coming from many different backgrounds. The Femmedére team collaborates with many outside organizations as well as McGill nutrition professors and students. The group is one of several projects under Enactus McGill. Enactus McGill aims to empower youth to positively contribute to their community using entrepreneurial skills. For more information on Enactus McGill, visit http://sifemcgill.com

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